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BEHIND Hungry&Skinny

What's H&S?

A girl from Delhi moved to Calcutta and had nothing to do. She started baking and got really good and decided to start her own company called "Hungry&Skinny" when she was just 20 years old! H&S was started on a cold night in January 2015, as an experiment to see how many people would actually care about something like this, and to her surprise, she had a hundred new people talking about her, over night. This gave her the motivation to actually take it seriously and work hard towards making this all she could.

Why H&S?

The name's gotten quite a few people inferring that I'm not a feminist, or I'm against people who don't have a "thin" body. Give me a moment to explain - Of course I'm a feminist! And secondly, the name, represents me. You see, growing up, I would always be envied for my ability to constantly be able to eat and not pack on the pounds and people kept wondering "How can she be both - Hungry AND Skinny?" and hence, I decided to name my brand that.

Everyone's home baking, what's different about H&S?

1. We don't have a menu.

2. Whatever comes out of the H&S kitchen is one of a kind, when it comes to flavor. No two orders will taste the same or be of the same flavor profile. For us, it's more about the taste than the look. Everyone can bake a fancy looking cake, what sets a cake apart is the flavor. Therefore, we pay extra attention to make sure that the flavors that we churn out are flavors that are not done anywhere else.

3. Ever heard of a JagerBomb Cupcake? Or a Jello shot cupcake? Or..a candied maple bacon and rum cupcake? Exactly.





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